This is what all mature singles should know about online dating

Generally speaking, the internet has taken over personal ads. They've got kind of disrupted. But before that happened, many people found their soulmates under the "personal" column in the newspapers. In those columns, you could write a few lines about yourself and about the kind of person you are searching for. Basically, it was just like online dating, but much more concise. Afterwards, the ad would be published in a designated column. So, in a way, it was completely anonymous. A secretary at the newspaper's editorial board then matched the inquiries and made sure to forward the letters.

Back in 1979, Bjarne "Liller" Pedersen, Papa Bue's Viking Jazz Band's lead singer, recorded a huge hit "Lonely Lady 40-year-old" (or "Billet mrk", as the song is actually called), which sold over 100.000 records. The song painted a perfect picture of "taking a chance" dating back then, and it seemed like anyone could sing along. But turning to personal ads have often been considered a bit lame. A middle-aged, divorced woman working at a newspaper editorial in the early 1980s is quite an example. She had enough of her colleagues' benevolent, but yet persistent teasing because she had placed a personal ad in the newspapers she was employed at.

– I’ve found the sweetest partner. He's from the world of finance, and there hasn’t been even the slightest chance that we could meet each other out in the real world. Our roads would have never crossed, she explained, closing her colleagues' mouth for good. The woman and the banker got married and lived happily ever after…

Now, being perfectly honest, do the remains of the old prejudices about personal ads still hang in your consciousness?

Are you still prone to think that contacting each other through various media (newspapers back then, and web nowadays), is kind of strange, desperate, and reserved only for a particular kind of people that you do not identify with? If you really think so, then you should seriously “shake things up” and think it through!

Succesraten på nettet er langt højere, end hvis du satster på at møde dit livs udkårne i nattelivet. Modelfoto: iStock

Over 320.000 Danes are using online dating. This includes Danes of all age groups and social backgrounds. The success rate of meeting your soulmate online is far higher than meeting him or her at the bar or nightlife in general, the public library, or the sailing club. Especially if you're no longer in your best age, nor have the time and will to explore some new hobbies or haven't swang your hips all night long ever since the Boney M era.

1. Effective matchmaking

Out in the real world, it takes a lot of luck to meet someone you immediately feel attracted to. And should that finally happen, you have to prepare yourself for a deep swim through an ocean of questions: Is he or she single at all? I mean, single with a capital S and not holding onto any grudges from past relationships? Do you have anything in common, what about children? Does she listen to jazz music, or is he allergic to your dog? With our unique matchmaker technology, you can gather the right people around you very quickly - without getting yourself into those well known awkward situations, without feeling shy or too pushy, and most importantly - without getting out of your comfort zone.

2. You dont waste time and money

Maybe you've been working hard the entire day or week, and all you need is to relax. The stress after such hard-working days and weeks is not the best outfit to wear if you're about to go out with some people where you should show off your best. With online dating, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your home while chatting with some interesting men and women out there who are, just like you, searching for their "other half". This setting is a whole lot better than your city's trendy, crowded places. And by the way, you won't spend a bunch of money for unreasonably expensive drinks at unreasonable fancy cafes and bars. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should sit on the couch in your jogging pants and morning hair all day long. Try both-and thinking rather than either-or!

3. Break out of loneliness

If you are 50+ and missing a partner, you've probably had someone in the past. Are you divorced? Have you tragically lost your loved one? Both divorces and deaths are life-changing events that can blow us off course.

"Tell them that you want loneliness out of your life"

Over the past 10-15 years, the divorce rate among married couples over 60 has doubled, causing so many people to feel lonely in their mature age. But is it ever too late for something? None of us know how long we're gonna be here, so why not try our best to live as happily as we can? You might be worried about how your loved ones will react if you start dating now and find a new partner? And it can be difficult for children (even adult children) when their mom or dad suddenly falls in love with an "outsider". The world's best advice is - talk about it. Tell them, tell the rest of your family, all your friends, tell everyone around you that you want loneliness out of your life. Everyone who loves you will surely want the best for you.

4. This is what you can do on a first date

Writing with a sympathetic woman or man is one thing, but meeting her or him is something else. And even though you're no longer "young and green", dating might still stir some butterflies in your stomach. Is it gonna go well? What if it doesn't "click" at all? What if you two can't think of anything to say? Well, you can chase all those worries away by choosing the right setting for the first date. For example - it's always a good idea to do something together. Go bowling together, visit a flea market, take a walk down the harbor, or just go to the zoo where there is always a lot to look at. In that way, you won't run out of topics for conversation, and even if it proves that you two are not a perfect match - you'll still be able to say that you've had a great day and learned some new stuff. And despite you two haven't "clicked" together, it might be a cheerful and funny experience. Humor is an essential ingredient of every date. It doesn't take a naturally born comedian to be able to laugh at something with someone, right?

5. Many years of experience

By the end of the last millennium, the phenomenon of online dating has been spreading rapidly. Speaking of Denmark, has been around since 1999. Therefore, we are proud to say that we have 20 years of experience in helping people finding the right partner. Our slogan is - Take love seriously, and we do our best to live up to it every single day. We focus on love, harmony, and long-lasting relationships, while we tend to emphasize quality over quantity for every single user. We know that you're not in search of an average, emotionally exhausting flirt. That's why we've built a unique matchmaker technology that matches you with other singles in terms of personality, lifestyle, humor, and common dreams for the future. In that way, it's kind of guaranteed that you'll get in touch only with people you're really alike.

American researchers have proved that couples who got married after meeting each other online, are far happier in their marriage than people who've met each other elsewhere. We believe that it is so because it's easier to find someone you're more compatible with on dating sites, and therefore - it results in a "longer-lasting" match. Or maybe it's because the users of dating sites are more focused and ready for a serious relationship than other single people are, which is why they get happier together? Regardless of the explanation, this is another really strong reason to look for love on a dating site.

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